Monday, February 20, 2017

Insurance info for 2017

At Young Chiropractic insurance is a big part of what goes on in the office everyday.  For most of you, the new year brings a new deductible and possibly a new co-pay.

In the state of Missouri, under most insurance plans, you are entitled to 26 visits of chiropractic care per year.  There are always exceptions to this rule.  Some plans may need a referral from your Primary Care Physician (PCP).  If so, please call your PCP prior to your visit.  You can have them fax your referral to the office (314-781-4241).

To take care of you, your spine and your health, we would be happy to look to see what your insurance benefits are for 2017.  You may either contact the insurance company yourself, call the office or fax a copy of your card to the office if you are unsure of your benefits.

If you have a marketplace plan, please check to see if I am a provider in your network.

Our goal is to make your health a priority!

Yours in Good Health!!!! Dr. Nancy